How to handle missing data in a single row

Hello! My data looks something like this:

Consider that each row must be having 8 values in it and each one of it has to be going into separate column. But here, row 3 has only 6 values and so the next value present takes up the missing value’s position. How do I fix the same in KNIME? Anyhelp would be appreciated!
Thank you!

Eg this how my file looks like when read in KNIME

The yellow highlighted part is where the value shouldnt be present, but when I do some transformation for bringing the values into columns, the next values occupies it’s place.
PS this is a notepad file which I’m reading and the format of the file is uneven

Hi @Saishiyam,

which node do you use to read the file?

Can you maybe share a subset of your file (maybe using some dummy values)? In that case I can try to build you a small example workflow.


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