How to handle MolCell's data?


One of input column is MolCell type in my node. I changed the structure data and tried to put it into output table. I create a new BufferedDataContainer and use FOR loop to add all columns to this new DataTable.  How can i add a MolCell to data row?


DataRow newRow = new DefaultRow("RowKey_"+currentRow, MolCells);


BTW Where can I find more detail documents about org.knime.chem.types.MolCell?

Thank you for your advice.

All chemistry data cells should be created by using the corresponding factory classes, in case of MolCells the MolCellFactory. This ensures that BlobCells are created if the content gets bigger than a certain threshold.

Currently the Javadoc for KNIME extensions is not available on the web page, only for the KNIME Core. However, you can install the source features and the look at the source code and the (javadoc) comments.

Thank you very much