How to Handle REST / GET errors

I’m using an GET node to do an http get from to verify if it is a valid ISRC number… (I’ll feed this from a list of numbers)

If the ISRC number if correct then a JSON object is returned with information about the music track and I use the JSON Path node to get to the data I want. Works fine. When the ISRC number is invalid, then a different JSON structure is returned;

{“error”: {
“type”: “DataException”,
“message”: “no data”,
“code”: 800

This is expected. In this case, I want to be able to detect that the ISRC number is ni valid. What the best practice on this? Is there an example workflow?


Hi @dpr,

You can use the Row Splitter node with the following dialog configuration:

  • Include (Exclude) rows by attribute value

  • Column to test: the column containing your JSON response

  • Use pattern matching with “contains wild cards” option selected and *error* pattern

This way you will have different responses split and can treat them in accordance with your needs afterwards.



Any ideas on how to handle these more complicated sites:!/search?isrcCode=GBA077700010&tab=lookup&showReleases=0&start=0&number=10

These need some kind of a scrapper?

Thanks again.

Hi @dpr -

Sounds like you may have a use for the Palladian and/or Selenium nodes. Here’s a post from @qqilihq a while back that talks about them some - he may be able to provide some more recent info.