How to handle RServe with keyring

Hey guys, I’m using the Community R-Scripting Node Extension to let Rscripts run on my server.
However, some of these scripts require passwords stored in the local keyring on the server.

It seems like, everytime I execute the R-Node in Knime, the keyring is initially locked. Therefore, the script will not execute automatically.

The only bypass I found so far is like this:
Obviously, this is a awful solution as the password is written in plaintext.

Does anyone of you have a better solution?

Hi @ThoMi,

@niederle might be able to help you with these nodes.
To provide a password to the workflow that it can use to unlock
You could try to provide the password via an environment variable to the Executor, read that with the R snippet node and apply it in the script? Then it won’t be saved within the workflow.


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