How to have access to a file directly from the workspace?


Thank to the Chemoinformatic's Strasbourg Summer School Knime tutorial, I have discovered that it is possible to load files directly in the workspace. Like this, when you want to share a workspace, it is possible not to worry anymore about sending the input files. You can just create an archive of your workflow group containing the files and the workflows.

Even if, according to me, it is not perfect, that is a good point. However I did not undertand why I could not load my files with my Knime instal and I think I found the issue.

When, one uses the default Knime workspace which in the Knime directory, in the Workflow Projects tab, you have access to EXAMPLES and to LOCAL. In LOCAL you can make a group and simply put your files inside it. However, in my case, I do not use the default workspace but instead I have a workspace directory in my home. In this way, I do not have any EXAMPLES or LOCAL.

Is there a workaround to still load files in the workspace when you do not use the default workspace?

Thank you,


Hi Nico, 

It sounds like you may still be using the old project view rather than the KNIME Explorer.  Could that be the case?  You can test this by making sure you are update to a recent version of KNIME and then useing the menu command "View" > "Reset Perspective" to restore the default view.  This Explorer "should" show you entries for LOCAL at the very least but probably also the Example Server unless you have manually removed it.  




Hi Aaron,

My Knime was up-to-date, but indeed I was using the old view (this kind of things happens when you use the same Knime for at least 1 year and just perform updates from time to time).

However, I can't use the drag and drop function to put files in my Knime explorer view when I use my own workspace. Thing I can do using the default workspace.