How to Highlight a Specific word from CELL-Content Table

Dear ALL,

I would like to ask if there is any Nodes or Scripting that give me a Pdf Report based on highlighting.

For example, i Have a table has 3 rows and 3 column [ Author: "Smith",  "Mike", "Smith" and Title:"Harry Potter", "Star Wars", "Titanic"]. Based On this table I want to highlight Only the name of the Author Smith.

Knime Able To Do That?

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hey there

a Highlighting can be produced when you export the table as a report (data to report node) .
once you put the data on the layout you click into the layout on the table. then you should see below the property editior

in the property editior there is a menu for highlighting where you can set the conditions.

finally in the main menu go to run...view report ... as pdf

Hi adaptagis,

Thank you for your reply,

Could send a simple Workflow to understand more about your description. I'm new in Knime and I want to learn more about this Tool.



hello again

please read the manual and do some reporting examples in order to get fit in KNIME.
once you understand how to generate a report, you can refer to the attached screenshot, that shows how to highligt things in a report.. no matter if pdf, web or in an other format..


HI adaptagis,

Thank you for your reply,

It´s work well 

Now I want to display all the rows in my layout as a string (Paragraph) but the problem is when i put my Column from the Data set view (Generated from my data table) that he gives me just the first row of the table.

For example:  

Movie_Title Actor
Titanic              Jack
star Wars   Smith

in my layout, my report wants him looks like that. 

Movie_Title: Titanic   

Actor: Jack

Movie_Title: Star Wars

Actor: Smith


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I suggest you post your workflow here and we can check it out..

Great! please Find attached my workflow.

I need to create template with Table of content and collect the data from the Table



here you can find my XLs File 

Hello again
I'm not an expert in reporting (yet..) but I figured out a way how to show all data in the report:
If you do it the way you did it only shows the first entry.. why.. I don't know..
how ever, if you drag the toReport73 from the dataset view straight into the empty report, it will occur a window where you can choose the attributes that you wnat to have integrated. THESE ATTRIBUTES OCCURE AS A TABLE..

I then draged the columns under the first column and deleted the other (now empty) columns, so that it is basically a table with one column streching over the whole sheet.  and voilà.. all etries are lined up..

hope you can open my workflow and follow my inputs..

good luck! 


Dear adaptagis,

Thank you for your help!! its Work and I understand your concept ;)

Could you find a solution how to display a Table of content based on The Title Column? also for the highlight, i only want to highlight 1 or 2 words from the Cell NOT all The cell

( for Example  Colum Title Contain: The Association between Smoking and Depression in a Canadian Community

I want to highlight only Smoking and Canadien in the same cell.


Thank you again for consideration.

Bests Regards.

hi there

I did some experimenting with LIKE "*Smith*" but to no avail unfortunately.. Maybe one of thd Knime Gurus can enlight us..
or we need to file a feature request.. 
It seems that Highlighting demands the whole content.. and that is not practical..



I will try to contact knime group about the highlighting.

however, do you have an idea how to create a table of content in knime report.




I suggest to use textmining tools..they are powerful and offer a vast functionality..Then get the output into a report..

But to offer you a solution more data and info is required.. if you like we can email..

d.bratschi at


perfect thank you adaptagis

hey there!

by chance I had a breackthrough in our highlighting issue:

instead of "*Smith*" we have to use "%Smtih%"  as highlighting query!


Yes, I tried and it works well. But the issue here the highlight will be implemented for the whole cell. What I want exactly is to highlight just specific word in the cell (Only Smith)

example: Author Column: Smith, Jack, Broly

I want to highlight just Smith inside the same cell from the same column(Author)


Hi Mokrani,

as far as I know there is no such built in functionality that highlights you parts of strings within birt. Maybe you can adapt the steps they did in this blogpost to achieve your expected results:

Another idea would be to preprocess your data a little more in KNIME, i.e. put it into HTML with inline CSS to highlight specific words (like I did in the attached screenshot). It may seem a little fiddly, but can be implemented easily and should work.


Hi marten,

Thank you for you suggest it helps but I don't need to highlight the whole cell. 

just a specific word inside this row title   (<VALUE-OF>row["Title"]</VALUE-OF>). AS an example


Bests, Mokrani

For completeness I'll add the answer I gave in another topic (

To get partly highlighted string cells in your BIRT report you can try using HTML with inline CSS:

1. Use a String Manipulation node to find the relevant keywords and then wrap them in HTML with inline CSS. To do that you can use the following function: regexReplace($column1$, "(highlightWord1|highlightWord2|highlightWord3)", "<span style=\"color: #ff0000\">$1</span>")The first argument is the column you want to work with. The second argument is an enumeration of words to be highlighted. The third argument wraps HTML and CSS around the word found by the regular expression ($1 is a generic way to express the positive matched string).

2. Within BIRT the only thing you have to do is bind the data to a Dynamic Text Item.