How to identify certain characters in a text field and put remarks in a new generated column

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to identify certain characters in a text field of a column. I want to put a remarks for those text fields which contains the words “LRD” or “SRD” or “Distributor”. The text field may contain a phrase like “LRD Adjustment for the month” or “WHT for SRD Oct 2020”.

I tried using the MATCHES functionality of rule engine but it did not work. Does anyone know how can I successfully do it? thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Here’s what I did

Hello @Ruru,

operator you are using (MATCHES) is based on regex and seems to me it would be appropriate to use LIKE operator in this case.

So something like this should work:
$Reference$ LIKE "*LRD*" => "LRD"
$Reference$ LIKE "*SRD*" => "SRD"

Hope this helps!



You’re a savior Ipazin! thank so much!

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