How to identify the name of the project in which I am working ?

Hello everyone
I've been using KNIME time and have developed many different projects . But I have a problem and I wonder if someone can help me . Is there any way to know which folder is keeping the project on which I am working ? It happens that when I have opened several projects at once know not identify which is which in a quick way , right now all I can do is look at the nodes I'm using to identify the project or put a label on the canvas the name of the folder containing the project.

Thank you.

Gabriel Cornejo

Sure, just click on the tab-like (two arrows pointing to different directions, connection between the two models) icon () in the KNIME Explorer view and when you select.


I just did what you said, but nothing that I want it happens. Two arrows pointing to different directions in Knime Explorer Area allows me to select the workflow displayed in the active editor. What I want is "something" show me the folder´s name where actual workflow when I am working. Maibe am I doing something wrong?






I still do not understand you. I want to be working in my workflow and in "same place" be able to read, to see, thename of the project (workfile) in which I am working. Sometimes I am working in differents workflow (differents projects) and I miss it. I need something tells me what it's called the project belonging to that workflow . When I start a new project , I always put a name to the root , it helps me to identify it. 

That's what I would see when I'm working simultaneously with 3 or 4 projects at once.

Thank you again.


Hi Gabriel,

Probably I still do not understand. Could you tell me when where on this video you see something that is unexpected? Or how would you like to select the projects?

This second video shows how to get the path of the project. (But now I think this is not what you want.)

Thanks, gabor

I apologize, I misunderstood you.

You did nothing wrong, but if you click on the project in the explorer view, and hit the left arrow on your keyboard, you should go to the parent workflow group of your workflow. If you need the location on your hard drive/on your server, you probably want the Copy Location option from its context menu.(Local path) for the location of the workflow's folder.

I hope this time I did not misunderstand your problem.

Cheers, gabor

Hi Aborg:

Secong video shows what I want to do. You are so kind.  :-)