How to ignore an error inside a loop


I have a workflow with an Optimization loop. Unfortunatelly some combinations of values used in the optimization are not compatible with the algorithm String Matcher ( beacuse 2*weight(switch) must be >= weight(insert)+weight(delete)).

When there is an error I would like to go on with the loop with the next combination of values ignoring the error... How to do this? I tried to use the  Try catch nodes but, as you can see in the workflow attached, I am not able to ignore the error.

Please, could you help me?

Thanks in advance


Hi iiiaaa

there is a catch missing after the scorer node in your lower example.

You need to provide the Catch with some defaults in the case something inbetween the try and catch fails.

Best, Iris 

Hi Iris,

many thanks. I'm trying to insert the Catch Errors (Var Port) in different positions with a default value (accuracy = 0)  but I alway get different errors...

I have also downloaded some examples of try catch errors from the server but this didn't help.  

May I kindly ask you to show me in the example attached how to do this?

Thank you in advance.


Yes you are right. The problem is, the try catch nodes only handle errors during execution. But the error here is thrown during the configuration.

I adapted your workflow accordingly. i would suggest using a Java If (Table). Because in this way you can do it in one node. if you don't want to use Java coding. You can achieve the same via a Math node + Rule Engine + If Switch.

Best regards, Iris

PS: the example workflow was really perfect to work with :-)

Impressive as usual! Many thanks! It works perfectly ;)