How to import Data from EXCEL Power Query ( Aka Data Model)

Dear All,
I have a 307M row data model in Excel Power Query ( Excel 2016 64 bit>Data>Get & Transform> New Query)
which I combined north of 15000 CSV files and made some data cleaning and transformation on.
Now I need to get this to Knime ( As CSV or Directly linking to data model) but I Have no idea how I can pull this data to Knime.
I tried to export to CSV ( Via DAX Studio extension in excel) but the file is too large.
Tried to use PowerBI as a medium for transfer but no luck.
excel file reader node does not work because Data is not in a worksheet ( it’s in Data model)
I tried file reader too but heck, no luck again.

Searched Google and Knime Community but I Kept hitting the wall. So I Decidei to post this to ask for help from avid Excel and Knime Users.If we can come up with a soltuion it will be a good combination of powerfull tools.
Looking Forward to your precious help dear Knimers :wink:

Still recommend to go with CSV. My 6GB CSV loads in 10 min in KNIME.

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Hi @Safak,

Any luck integrating KNIME and Power BI?


Not yet Bro…