how to include a Meta Node into your Library?

Here how i understand Neta Nodes the idear behind Meta Nodes is this:

you can creat new Nodes out of Nodes. This new Nodes can be found in the Library and you can easyly use them in other workflows.

If i understand this wrong pls explan it to me.

I coud not find how to include my first Meta Node into the Library. can somone explane it to me?

Also I have an idear how to improve Meta Nodes: I want them to be able to gife a meta Node settings. So whoever is working on them can configer the Meta Node whitout open it or understanding what is going on inside the Meta node.

Here how I think this coud work:

you right click the Meta node and klick on „include configuration setting“ this open a window which let you choose you many varables you need to configur the Meta Node and creates a new port inside the Meta node. Which you can connect whit the flow varable ports of the nodes inside the Meta node. You can now configure the Meta node.

I hope this is understandable and that the idear is usefull.

Hi Suppe,

the Metanode Template Repository is, for example included, in the Personal Productivity Extension.

About the configuraton: You can configure meta nodes via Quickforms. Place a quickform inside your metanode and afterwards it can be configured like a node could.

Best, Iris