How to incorporate StanfordNLP POS tagger for Chinese?

Dear Team Members,

I want to utilize Knime for Chinese text process. I can see there is Stanford Tokenizer for Chinese. However, I did not find any POS tagger for Chinese. As far as I know, the Stanford POS tagger actually supports Chinese POS tagging natively. Hence, I wonder how to find the POS tagger for Chinese? If currently not supported, I wonder how to enable the Stanford POS tagger’s capability on Chinese tagging?

Thank you very much for the clarification.

Best Regards,

Hi Ivan,

the Chinese POS model is not incorporated in KNIME but I will create a ticket for that.
Unfortunately, for the Stanford Tagger or the POS Tagger, we currently have no option to provide an own model.

As workaround, you could run the StanfordNLP library in a Java Snippet node to do the POS tagging with a Chinese model.