How to increase the size of the last page (BIRT report) in webportal workflow?


we are having the issue, that the window showing the report in the webportal is really small, while there is a lot of unused space. I am aware of the option to open the report in a new window or as a pdf file, but for the better user experience, we need to show most of the report right away.
How can I accomplish that?

Thanks a lot

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Hi Lars,

I tried to think of a workaround, but failed. It is currently not possible.
The height is fix and it looks good on screens with smaller resolutions (But who has the KNIME workflow on tiny screens ;))

I have opened a feature request and will let you know as soon as this is fixed.

Best, Iris


Hi Iris,

thank you for taking care!

I am looking forward :slight_smile: