How to install Knime server and Webportal

Hi Team,

We are able to successfully installed Knime Desktop and Webportal with licenced key in Linux.

But when we started executing existing example workflows in Knime Webportal we are facing below error:

We tried to debug using log files and came to know that some RMI files are not installed or executed, it’s a configuration error.

Log File :
An error has occurred. See the log file
Also check log file in /home/rohit/Downloads/knime_3.7.2/configuration
25-Jun-2019 10:14:06.829 SEVERE [http-nio-8080-exec-6] com.knime.enterprise.webportal.components.wkfpanels.WorkflowJobInputFirstPagePanel.attach Failed to load quick form input: RMI executor could not be started, see log file for details
com.knime.enterprise.utility.ExecutorException: RMI executor could not be started, see log file for details
at com.knime.enterprise.server.executor.rmi.RMIExecutorImpl.reportStartupError(
at com.knime.enterprise.server.executor.rmi.RMIExecutorImpl.startSlave(
at com.knime.enterprise.server.executor.rmi.RMIExecutorImpl.(
at com.knime.enterprise.server.executor.rmi.RMIExecutorManagerImpl.startNewRMI(
at com.knime.enterprise.server.executor.rmi.RMIExecutorManagerImpl.getExecutorInstance(
at com.knime.enterprise.server.executor.rmi.RMIExecutorManagerImpl.getExecutorInstance(

Could you please help me on work with webportal.


Dear @RameshK,

can you check that the extension “KNIME Server Executor (server-side extension)” is installed for your executor, as stated in