How to install »KNIME Spatial Processing Nodes«

I had al look at the »KNIME Spatial Processing Nodes« but failed to install them. I couldn’t either drag their symbol from nor find them the Extension-Installer. How can I install them?

Try to install from here


I’ve to admit, that I don’t really understand, how the mentioned source is related to the nodes I’d like to use. Maybe you can clarify that a little bit?


You mentionend NodePit and I gave it a try to search there for the nodes I’d really like to install and found them. Unlike the »original« entry in the KNIME Hub NodePit mentions the update site from which the nodes can be installed. I then found, that the update site in question was unchecked in my preferences and only trusted community extensions were checked.
I didn’t thought about look after that. Maybe it could be an enhancement for the hub to mention the update site, that has to be enabled for the installation.


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Hi there @abockstiegel,

glad you managed to install it and tnx for suggestion!

Just to add info that it is already in consideration :wink: