How to install SPARQL Node?

I installed the full version of Knime 2.12.0, and I selected all the available sites, plus I added the "trunk" site. Then, I also checked for updates.

But I cannot find the SPARQL Node neither among installed nodes nor among the ones available for installation. I do search for "sparql" in the install knime extensions window without results. 

Where can I find it and how can I install it?

Thank you for your help

Is there any answer to this question. I am also struggling with the same. :-(

If it is not part of installed package, how can we download it and configure, if possible?


the SPARQL nodes are part of the EU-OPENSCREEN plugin which is part of the stable community contributions. For details about the installation have a look at the community page.

With the next KNIME release in July we will also release a lot of new Semantic Web nodes including a SPARQL query node in the KNIME Labs section. So stay tuned.