How to join on unidentical strings in KNIME

Hi I am new to KNIME.

I have two tables and I need to join two columns however the text of the columns are exactly the same. Ex. Document list (API) vs Document List. How would I join their data? I have tried using Joiner, however it only joins on the names that are exactly the same.

Are there any other nodes I should be using?

Hi, you can try the String Matcher node,

There is also other node called String Similarity

Hope it helps


Hello @Biravien_Anan,

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This topic was discussed many times on forum. I suggest to give forum search a try to find the one where most similar (or even same) issue was discussed.

Good luck!


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Hi @mauuuuu5,

Thank you so much I will give this a try!

Hi @ipazin,

Thank you I will go through those forums!


Hi @Biravien_Anan , if you have python installed, and you know some basic sql, I have a component that might be of assistance. I wrote it for situations such as this.


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