How to keep only those rows containing a specific value


this might be an easy question, but I still consider myself a beginner in KNIME, decovering all the features.

I am trying to understand how to use Column Filter Usage.
What I want to do: I have a data set with a lot of column, out of which one is a country column. Here I want to filter for country x and kick out all the other rows with the other countries. (in excel, I would filter for all countries except the one I want to keep and delete the rows). Is “column filter” the right node and how do I need to proceed?

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You have to use the Row Filter node for that. Select the country column in “Column to test” list and then input the country name you want.
You can choose whether to include or exclude rows which meet the condition.



Hi Armin,

thanks a lot for your help! This solved it.

Cheers, JY

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