How to know the number of occurances of a delimiter

I want to split my input column into different columns based on occurance of a delimiter character. Is there any way I can know in advance the max number of occurances of this delimiter in any cell in that column, or any way to count it?

Did you try the “Cell Splitter” node? In it’s dialog you can enter a delimiter pattern and it has an option (which is on by default) that computes the amount of additional columns needed.

thanks… that option works,
but i wanted to know one more thing.
the scenario is such: suppose i split the column based on the delimiter,
now each of the columns that have been created , i want to filter them out in separate tables, this is kind of repeated operation. so, if suppose i know in advance that there are going to be 4 new columns generated, i can run the splitting logic in a loop 4 times. So, somehow i want to get and store this information in advance.