How to know which variable had the most impact on my results


I have this task at my university where we have to point variables (from given set of rules) which was the most important for creating the final result - e.g. whether the customer will or won't buy something. Anyway, the result is categorical - yes or no, 1 or 0. And we have about 200 variables - columns.

We have to use Data Mining techniques.

Can you help me with choosing the best model ? And pointing how do I do this? I'm a newbie and I could really use some help.



you might want to take a look into this whitepaper where we discuss a similar question

Best, Iris

Unfortunaltely it didn't help.

I'm not going to choose variables- I'm using all of them and I want to know which one had the most impact on my result- I was thinking maybe Decision Tree would show me that?

Are there any other ways?