How to load vectors from a csv file ?

I have a phrase in one column and the other column contains a vector.

In knime how do load, or how I format the input for a vector object from a file?

Below is the vector present in the “Embedding” column of the csv input file I have

[ 3.95798124e-03 9.25457552e-02 9.64313466e-03 -2.79159304e-02
-5.22264242e-02 4.17356715e-02 -1.33834435e-02 4.40481585e-03
-4.70818579e-02 8.62428471e-02 1.04716513e-02 -1.94630269e-02
-1.73605978e-02 -9.37301740e-02 -5.50245605e-02 -1.00495638e-02
2.79379301e-02 5.37953973e-02 1.56289281e-03 -1.57961287e-02], shape=(512,), dtype=float32)"

How do we load these vectors from a file ?

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