How to locate knime.ini in my system?

Hello everyone, I keep getting java heap space error while executing and many people recommended to increase the space in knime.ini but I can’t seem to find that file in my system. Please refer the attached screenshot.
I would really appreciate if someone can guide me on where I can locate the file.

Since you’re on Windows, it’s in the same directory as knime.exe.

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I opened knime.exe bur can’t find the package information to change the memory space.

That’s not knime.exe - that’s the Installer - as the name said. The installer made a folder somewhere, which has knime.exe in it. If you’re double clicking on a shortcut on your desktop - right-click and look at the properties of the shortcut and maybe that will tell you where the actual application sits.


Have you checked the C:\Program Files\KNIME directory?

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Hi there @Tenz,

welcome to KNIME Community! Have you found knime.ini, increased memory and solved your problem?

Additionally is there any specific reason why are you using older KNIME version?


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