How to loop over a series of csv readers?

I have a loop that performs a series of actions and write four different csv files.

I would have two questions:

  • How can I include a csv file inside the loop, so it will write as many files as iterations over the loop? (If it iterates 5 times, then I should have five different .csv files in the folder)?
  • How can I stop the loop after each of the csv writers have finalized the process? Is it possible with a flow variable?

A skeleton picture just so it’s clearer visually:

I would solve it if a group loop , where the destination would be a the core column of the loop.~
Any how, search for Just KNIME IT! the challenge 2
The exercise ,in this series of challenges have the answer you are looking for

here is how i solve it:

Thanks @Adrix, the problem is I need a chunk loop as I’m iterating over a series of rows.
I’ll check if the possibility of using the flow variables with a chunk loop works as well.

@RoyBatty296 does the image You have shown works for the first iteration?
TRY to put a wait tool creating the loop stream as bellow:

it is working on my side.

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