How to make a date loop with specific interval days?

Hi Everybody,  

I`m new in Knime programming and I am stuck with what I believe to be a simple task. How can I make a date loop and stop it in the present date? 

I want to make a date loop with periods of 360 days from 01/01/1988 to present day (always updated). I tried with a recursive loop but it failed.

I think the workflow starts like this: 

Table creator Node (with date in string format) -> String to Date Time Node -> Date time Switch + loop 

Any tips? 


I appreciate a lot any help.

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can I get more details?

you are running it on differnt days, so the "today" is changing

You are always starting on the same date, Jan 1st 1988, and so the next day you want is Jan 1st 1988 + 360 days, and the one after is Jan 1st 1988 + 2 x 360, and so no?

what do you want to do with the dates? are you after creating a set of dates? 

Anyway, attached is a workflow that assumes the sequence is what's suggested above. I am using a bit of java to enfoce the interval and generate a list of dates with fixed period, and then use a variable loop to iterate over them.



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