How to make a many-to-one join?

Hello everybody.I’m a fresh man here!

I’ve just started using KNIME to perform Data Mining.
During my work,I often join two or more tables by many-to-one join.
Perhaps I have not learnt well and also my poor English,but it seems to me that KNIME can only support one-to-one join.
So now I’m wondering if it is possible to make a many-to-one join using the Joiner node.

For example,here are two tables,
the table A is:


and the table B is:


after joining on A.column1=b.column1,I want the result be as below:


Can anyone tell me if it is possible,and show me how to do this?

Thanks a lot in advance for your answer !


Hi Herro, I guess this forum topic might be interesting for you. This is a sample workflow. (I guess this was my best explanation there.) Bests, gabor


The Knime joiner node uses the RowId of the first (top) input and allows the second table to be joined on a column value from that second table. You can use the RowId to use a field (as long as it is a unique indentifier) as the RowId value.

So if the first (top) input is your “one” and your second input (bottom) is your “many” this should work fine.

I hope that helpds.


to friends above:
My many-to-one join is work.It’s simple,and it seems what I thought is far too complex~
Thanks very much!