How to make an image montage?


is there any way to create a 3x3 montage out of 9 (X,Y)-images? Which node would I have to use?



I attached a small example workflow that shows one way of doing it. The image dimensions in the example are hardcoded. If you want a more general solution you have to work with variables for the X,Y dimensions in the Merger nodes.

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Thanks a lot!

That seems to be exactly what I need :-)


One further question:

In my case, the single images are 3-channel images. With your example the first Merger-node will print all channel images before it starts with the next image. A resulting image is a 3 channel montage but each tile contains all images from one channel instead of all images from one source image.

How can I solve that problem?

Hi Antje,

My apologies. At the end it is more difficult to achieve then I thought. You will realize if you take images that actually contain something more then just a random uniform grey value that the first workflow will not give you the result you need. (The images will be in the wrong orientation. You can see that on the attached picture). I found another solution which works but it is a bit more complicated. You can try that. For your question regarding the 3-channel (if I understood correctly) you can just separate the 3 channels and do the montage for each of the three channels separately and later merge them again to get the montag with 3 color channels.



Indeed - funny results from workflow 1 :-)

I used the alphabet images and added two nodes to your first workflow and the result looks also nice (and much less complicated).

Insert Column Header

Thanks a lot for your help.

Very nice! And really much easier!


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