How to make custom binning in data table

Hi guys,

i'm using knime to analize data generated by a network traffic simulator. I have a quite large table containing information about packets sent (packet id, trasmission time, receiving time and so on). I've already calculated the most comon parameters in order to evaluate the link (delay,jitter...) but they are associate to each packets sent. What i'm after is a solution to calculate these parameter at custom interval of time, for example every 5 sec (and therefore have a mean value for all of these parameters). Any ideas how to make such binning?

Thanks in advance.

So this "binning", or averaging, can be done with the group by node. You only need to generate a column identifying your bins.

And the identifier, which is in my understanding the bins, you can calculate with a math node or if you have a date column by exporting with the date / time field extractor the subparts of the date which identifies the bin.

Hi iris, many thanks for your prompt reply.

The problem is that i have difficult to create such binning. I've already sorted the table with the data by trasmission time and stored the timestamp at which the first packet is sent. Now i want to group rows every x seconds from that timestamp.

Hi Saramago,

I made you an examplary workflow.

Cheers, Iris

Iris,i think this is exactly what i was looking for.

Thank you very much, you save me from a boaring java coding(this was the only solution that came up in my mind).

 I'll test it and let you now.