How to manage shared Dependencies in Features

I have two Features:

  • Feature Utility
  • Feature B

Both Features contain one plugin respectively:

  • Plugin Utility
  • Plugin B

Both Plugins depend on a common Plugin (library):

  • Plugin Foundation

Right now I do not include the Plugin Foundation in the Plugin List for each Feature and I am getting the following error when installing from Update Site:

Missing requirement: General Use Utility Nodes for KNIME Workbench 1.0.1 ( 1.0.1) requires 'bundle 1.0.0' but it could not be found

I am not an expert on Feature/Update site creation but I'm guessing I need to do one of hte following:

  1. Add the dependency Plugin (Foundation) to both Features to bundle the required plugin with the Feature
  2. Create a new Feature Foundation - will Knime them automatically know to download that feature with Feature Utility?

Thanks in advance!

The plug-in must be included in at least one feature on the update site you are building. Otherwise it won't end up in the update site. This feature doesn't necessarily be one of the features that the user installs. You can define a utility feature that you don't categorize so users won't see it by default (and should not install it). The Eclipse installation mechanism will automatically resolve and install the necessary dependencies even if they are not explicitly listed in the features that the user installs.

Gotcha - so as long as it is in *any* feature it will resolve and be installed.  Thanks!