How to Open a workflow when workbench not working

Hi Everyone,
I have a KNIME installation on UNIX cluster node. One of the limitations right now is the access to browsers is blocked on the system. Is there a way to open a workflow without using the workbench? I certainly can import it into the workbench but I can’t find a way to launch it.

Thanks in advance!

By browser do you mean the KNIME graphical user interface?

You can run a workflow in batch processing mode that doesn’t require a GUI:



Hi @swebb,

Thanks for the reply. I’m looking for a workaround using the graphical interface.


Ah sorry, then in that case I’m not really sure what it is you’re describing. Hopefully someone else will have a solution for you.

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Hi there @j_ochoada,

same as @swebb here. Not sure what are you trying to do. Can you explain it a bit more?


Hi @swebb and @ipazin My sincere apologies. Here is a picture which describes my issue. I can’t open any available workflows.

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How strange - sorry you’re experiencing this. Could you:

  1. make sure KNIME is not running
  2. delete the .metadata/.log and .metadata/knime/knime.log files in your workspace directory
  3. run KNIME, causing this error view to display
  4. quit KNIME
  5. ZIP up those two log files and attach it to a reply to this thread


Hi @quaeler

Thanks for the response. The reason it’s not working is known. The access to browser is blocked on the HPC environment in which it’s running. So I was just wondering if there was a workaround for opening workflows.


I understand the individual words of your sentence - but not your sentence. How is the environment “blocking access” to a “browser”? What does that mean - and how does it lead to the exception being thrown as seen in your screenshot?

You could try launching KNIME from command line as though you were doing batch mode but instead specify the application as org.knime.product.KNIME_APPLICATION – that being said, I also invite you to explore your conclusion that the environment is selectively breaking this one part of the KAP.

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