How to open "Server Workflow Projects" view in KNIME Perspective in Eclipse?

Hello, I am using KNIME 2.3.1 as a perspective in Eclipse 3.7.0. In this article I’v read there is a “Server Workflow Projects” view which can be launched through the menu “View” - “Other…” - “KNIME Views” - “Server Workflow Projects”. But I have no the menu “View” in Eclipse. I searched through all menus and in the Internet, but I don’t find how to open Server Workflow Projects" view. This view is interesting for me cause to connect to KNIME Workflow Server and see some models there. Please advise.

In Eclipse it is Window->Show View.

Well. I open "Window - Show View - Other - KNIME Views" and see the only four views: "Favorite Nodes", "Node Description", "Node Repository", and "Workflow Projects". There is no "Server Workflow Projects" view. And "Workflow Projects" is not the same as "Server Workflow Projects" view. The "Workflow Projects" has no controls for connect to Workflow Server.

Is this feature ("Server Workflow Projects") exists only in "KNIME Desktop" and absent in KNIME plugin for Eclipse with the same version?

I am using KNIME in Eclipse 3.7.0. 

The Server Workflow Projects-view is contained in the "KNIME Public Server View" feature. You need to install it in addition to KNIME Core.