How to organize superseded row data

I have no idea how to start with the following problem:

I have about 250k rows of part Nos with columns for the part No it supersedes and is superseded by, for example:

Part No | Supersedes Part No | Superseded By Part No
456 | 123 | 789
789 | 456 | 101112

and so on

What I want to do is build data set with ranked part nos like this:

So you can clearly see where the part No falls in the hierarchy

Any help is much appreciated!

Hi @KunalB86,

Use the Unpivoting node and include all the columns as “Value columns” (and exclude from “Retained columns”), then Duplicate Row Filter and Sorter.


Thanks @armingrudd, the issue is the last part, because I used an example (sequential numbers) and not realistic part numbers (non-sequential, mostly alpha-numeric) this method won’t work. I almost have to assign each cell a value per row? I’m not sure…

This method works for any data type. Why do think it does not work?


I’m not sure if it will work because the problem has to do with a series of variables and forming them into a sequence. I’m playing around with finding the Min value and sorting the superseded by to loop search over the part No. I’m not sure this will work, but I’m not sure it has a solution

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