How to output two different data in R snippet node?

Our  project  is  to  change  the  software  platform  from  R  to  KNIME,  I  think  the R plug-in  that  really  helps  us  a  lot.  

But now I have two problems. Firstly, sometimes I have to transfer more than one data to outputs,but in R snippet only provides one output, although I can save data in the disk then read from there, but I think that is not a good solution. Secondly, the data that calculated from one node that will disappear after change to next node,did there exist any good solution to store these data instead of writing to disk.

Did someone help us?Thank you very much.


A simple solution for your first problem would be to use the R Learner (node) that provides a complex object (holding data1 and data2). This object is then transfere to two R Predictor nodes and can be split again into data1 and data2. I am not sure, what you mean by  "disappear after change to next node". If the configuration of a predessors node changes, that means, if one of those nodes changes from executed (green) to configured (yellow) or reset (red) then all successor nodes are also re-configured and loose their data.

Best, Thomas

Hi Gabriel,

can you please share a sample workflow?



Hmmm, wouldn't a combination of one Table to R node (for the input) and one R to Table node per output allow to achieve the same result?

Yes, exactly.

Thanks Geo and Thomas i was able to implement it.