How to Pass a file of Workflow variable to a knime workflows in Batch Mode

Hi There,

I have many workflows variables defined in my workflow and all of them should be overriden in batch mode. Can some one help me in passing a file to command line execution. so the command line should look like below.

C:/Development/DevTools/knime_2.7.4/knime.exe -nosplash -noexit -consoleLog -reset -nosave -workflowDir="C:/Development/IRIP-Development/Version1/TEST/test2"
-workflow.variable.filePath=C:/Development/DevTools/Parameterfile.txt -application org.knime.product.KNIME_BATCH_APPLICATION

so the parameter file should have all the workflows variables defined in it as below

variable1,name, string

variable 2,number,string









Hi Meeravali,

please have a look at

You cannot set flow variables via a file, but you can set them separately in the command line.


Hi Nils,

If i have to pass 100 workflows variables, do i need to enter 100 variables through command line. Is it not a tough task ?? Always there is a chance for human error.



Could you have a CSV reader in your workflow that reads in a table of workflow variable and value pairs? You would then only need to provide the location of this file and the workflow can extract all the values.

The link from Nils should show you how to provide the location of the file as a workflow variable. 

The Vernalis community plugin has a read variables/write variables pair of nodes which may well be of use to you.


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