How to pass coefficient and intercept values from a regression learner To a Variable

From a dataset i have created a polynomial regression learner to establish relationship between dependant and independant variable. I want to output the coefficient and intercept value to two variable and then apply it to another dataset where i have only independant values.  Can some one please help me how to do it knime.

I tried creating a flow variable but was not able to link it the regression learner coefficient and intercept values.

Greatly apprecieate any help i can get.




Are you using 2.9.x? There was added a new node,

in KNIME 2.9.0. Probably that can create the appropriate flow variables for you.

I am unsure what you mean when you told: apply them to another dataset where you have only independent values.

Cheers, gabor

I am using Knime 2.9.0.

What i am trying to do is based on observed data set(dependant and independant variable) come up with a regression equation and apply it to the forecasted independant variable. 

Every time the observed data set changes the regression coefficient and intercept would change. I want the coeffiecient and intercept to be passed to a variable which updated automatically everytime the observed data set changes.




Did you ever figure out a workflow solution to guide this? I understand what you mean by applying the equation to data that does not have actuals/observations, to give predicted future values. I am trying to do the same thing and have been unable to figure it out. 

Thanks in advance :)