how to port server workflows from ServerLite 4.2 to Server 4.3


We are on a trial for Full Server, and are trying to port our workflows, including template nodes that have been linked via absolute paths, to the full Server. The full server is version 4.3, installed from the .jar file.

We are finding that just copying the workflow folders over does not work. After considerable debugging, we got the details in an error message that refers to http:// :8080/tomee/ejb. Cannot access / / ( is short for the specifics of the workflow and machine)

The ServerLite is registed as http:// :8080/tomee/ejb, and the new server is registered as http:// :8080/ , where is an entry we can put during the installation. However, it won't accept "tomee/ejb" as the context root, and digging further it seems that this is used to name the xml file /apache-tomee-plus-1.7.1/conf/Catalina/localhost/ .xml Clearly, having a "/" in the name would not work.

Is there an easy way to transfer workflows in this case? There are rather a lot of them and since it is a problem with the template nodes with absolute paths, each workflow would need all the template nodes to amended to make it work.


It's absolutely no problem to simply copy the whole server repository to the new server. However the servers' default mount IDs must match, otherwise absolute metanode links won't work (obviously). The error you get indicates that you are not logged into the server where the metanode links point to.

/tomee/ejb is not the context root, this is the adress of the client-server interface and the same for all server installations. The context root is used for the REST interface and the WebPortal (which you can use with the full server licenses).

I'm not sure what we are doing wrong here.

We have copied the workflow directory from the server repository from a Server 4.2 version to a Server 4.3 server respository. The metanodes are within the workflow directory, and were created with Server 4.2. When we try to run with Server 4.3, we get the error message posted.

How do we upgrade from 4.2 to 4.3? the 4.3 only has the .jar file, which does a full install. Have we missed something about upgrade in the .jar file steps? Or is it that we give it the 4.2 server repository directory with its contents, and it will update the files in it accordingly?


You can always find the server update guide in the download page:

And as I said, please check where the linked metanodes point to. I'm pretty sure they still point to the old server (unless you have used the same mount id for both servers) and then you must be logged into the old server in order to be able to update linked metanodes.

Thanks for pointing out the upgrade notes location.

I think the problem is because we did a new install, and that created a new mount id for server 4.3. From the installation note, if I understand correctly, the steps

Stop TomEE.

2. Delete the existing directory /webapps/ com.knime.enterprise.server (or similar if you have renamed the War file).

3. Copy the new com.knime.enterprise.server_4.3.x.war over the existing war file (usually /webapps/ com.knime.enterprise.server.war).

4. Start TomEE.

would not create a new mount id.

I'll give this a try

Incidentally, where is the information kept on the which mountid to use when template nodes are referenced or updated? I guess it must be within each workflow that makes use of a template.

The links are stored in the workflow. The server's mount id is part of its configuration and can be changed in config/knime-server.config.