How to prevent the deletion of leading zeros in the cell splitter node?

Hi all,
I am using a cell splitter node to separate values, for eg MERCHANTCODE: 00123 with delimiter as “:” and the expected result was 00123, but the leading zeros are getting auto-deleted after the cell splitting operation and the result looks like 123.

Can someone suggest a way out to get the result as 00123 please?

Hi @gokul_malaa , provided that you only have one occurrence of the : delimiter per cell, here’s how you should configure the node:

The reason why you got the 123 instead of 00123 is because the ‘Guess size and column types’ was ticked by default, which makes Knime guesses that the resultant 00123 should be of an integer type, which led to the trimming of the leading zeroes.


thanks - it worked :slight_smile:


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