How to process all json files

Dear Knimers,
I am going to process many Jason files in a folder and create the below flow, While it has error in rendering the files, May I have your feedback?

test2.knwf (13.7 KB)

Hi @NeginZarbakhsh -

We don’t have your input files, so we can’t run the workflow. What is the specific error message you’re getting? What does the log show?

get_image_close_to_1.json (8.6 KB)
get_image_close_to_2.json (1.8 KB)
get_image_close_to_3.json (14.3 KB)
get_image_close_to_4.json (35.1 KB)
get_image_close_to_5.json (7.0 KB)
Attached are some samples

While I still don’t know exactly what error it is you’re getting, in this case I don’t think you need the loop structure at all. I was able to read in your sample files using a JSON Reader node alone, with the “Files in Folder” option enabled.

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Thanks! It is solved without the loop

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