How to pull data from CNN when JSON API is not working?

I have been trying to pull data from the below URL but getting jsonvalue not found error. I have attached my attempt here.
CNN_pull_json.knwf (116.9 KB)

This is the “related” tutorial I followed -

@tone_n_tune ,

This URL gives an error status code: 418.

You need to configure some request headers.

For your reference, I have attached a workflow that returns the expected result.

CNN_pull_json.knwf (117.2 KB)



Hi @tqAkshay95 thanks for the help, I was wondering how I would need to define the JsonPath for the X and Y values under the [fear_and_greed_historical] data field?
CNN_pull_json.knwf (115.3 KB)

I have found a great toll to find JsonPath - JSONPath Finder and Evaluator | Site24x7 Tools

Thanks everyone for the help!