How to put code into a java snippet

I thought I'd make a more basic approach as to implement an ImageJ plugin. I thought why not implement it as a Java snippet, as it is written in Java after all. Now I might be increadibly stupid, but I'm not really experienced with java, not with KNIME. However when I insert a Java snippet into my workflow, and then go to configure I am unable to change anything in the code that is already there. What am I doing wrong?

I don't know what happened, but now I am able to make changes like intended...

I actually had the same issue a few times, that the code editor was just not accepting any input. Restarting KNIME always helped. However, I've not seen any system to reproduce that issue.


we will fix some issues with the Java Snippet in 3.0 with the next 3.1. relese.

In which version did you get the problem?


  KNIME Analytics Platform    org.knime.product.desktop    null