How to quickly download KNIME

I have been trying to download KNIME and I am getting struck.

First it was the links in the site that were just not working....none of the links listed in the Step2 for Windows worked.

Fortunately was given a different site.

Thought my problem was solved.

But the new link is taking ages to download and the size to be downloaded is 1.5 GB.

I have started to download about 5 times and each time, I had to stop and then resume later right from start again.

Till date, I am unable to lay my hands on KNIME, as I am unable to download the file.

Is very very frustrating!

Can someone help and suggest an easy quick way to download and get started immediately.!

Thanks in advance.









please try this link, it will download a smaller version, which will download a lot faster.


Best wishes, Iris