How to quickly move/rename a large amount of files?

we need to restructure images locally. We have a source folder with >10.000 images and want to put them into sub-folders (using the metadata to group them).
We realized that the Transfer Files node does not move the files but copy/delete them. Which takes quite long. Or did we miss something here?
The old Copy/Move node does a real move but it’s not as fast as expected hanging from time to time. There is no information what it’s waiting for.
Is there anything we can do to speed up this process?


@niederle could you first copy the files and remove them later?

Also if you have very large tasks of this sort you might want to set up a system where you compare source and target and only move those which have not been copied so you can restart a process of it fails (similar to this example).

Hi @niederle,

you could use the move command of the underling operating system with External Tool – KNIME Hub

Its not that nice like transfer files, but when this node really copy/deletes, than it would be a lot faster.

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I definitely do not want to copy/delete as it slows down the process and I do not need to be on the save side. I am looking for a real move.

Yes, I will have a look into the External Tool node. Thank you.

Hi @niederle -

Sorry for the trouble. We do have an existing ticket for this in our system (AP-16060), and I have added you as a +1 to it.


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