how to read excel file from a unzip files legacy note

Dear Friends, I am trying to read a excel file from unzip files legacy note but unable to read the file after unzip. Can you help to get a solutions pls?

Thanks in advance!!

Regards, Jaydeb

Could you give us a sample file to see what it does. Would it work if you unzip the file manually? If it is a special or old version of Excel you could try and use R packages to do the import.


Hi @mlauber71 thanks for your prompt reply. Just for your information I wanted to read excel file from unship files legacy note directly. Below is the screenshot for your reference!


Hi Friends - I got the solution


I am not exactly sure what you mean. The unzip node would provide you with a path that you could convert to a path variable and then use to read with the excel file reader. This example might show you how that could work:

The there is this guide that is long but very helpful if you want to understand the workings of knime:


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