How to read Knime log files to check the errors during execution of the workflows

Hi All,
I am running around 25 workflows at a go. I need to read log files and check which workflows failed and write the errors in the database. Can someone please help and if possible provide a sample workflow to read the knime .log file and parse the errors.


Hello @sauravh86,

I have asked my team to see if we have a sample workflow with the knime.logs; meanwhile, you can use this example as a basis to create your workflow.

The workflow shows how parse KNIME Server logs and create reports in the WebPortal. Take a look at the “Filter relevant events” component to setup your rules. The Table creator is used as a dictionary table to filter events. In your case you can change the rule to something like: $Col0$ LIKE “: ERROR :” To only filter errors and not warnings or info messages.



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