How to read ofx file in Knime?

I have a file .ofx extension.
How is the best way to read this file?
Knime have a node to read this extension?
There some kind of .txt mapping.

Hi @LucasNovaesDragojevic

I googled a little, but did not find a library reading them.
Is it possible to convert this into native text files? Or maybe excel? We have readers for both.

Best wishes, Iris


There are several Python packages to read OFX files (there might be some projects in R also). I was not able to instantly create a working example that you could reproduce.

Maybe you take a look at these and create a working sample in a Jupyter notebook then we could see if we could integrate it in a KNIME workflow.


Hi guys.
I don’t know programing in python.
So i does used the java snippet to extract the data with i need.
But i will try use the library in python in future when i need all information of ofx.


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