How to read some local (offline) *.htm files?

I have saved some web-pages into a folder as htm files. So they are 'offline' (local) files.

Then I gather them into the start of a Knime workflow with the List Files node.

I connect that node to the HtmlRetriever node, but the files cannot be read (file content is not retrieved), whether I use the file Location or URL column as the source. I get the message "Error retrieving file... Target host must not be null, or set in parameters."

I tried converting the URLs (strings) to URIs, but the URIs cannot be read either.

Not sure what I am doing wrong? My eventual aim is to extract some of the data from the tables within the htm files.

I cannot retrieve the HTML via an online process as the website is password-protected and cannot be accessed directly by Knime (I assume).

*** UPDATE ***

OK, problem solved (resolved)... looks like the html was saved wrongly in the htm files, hence not readable. E.g. angled brackets < and > were saved as &lt; and &gt; and so on.

For clarification: In order to read local HTML files, you need to supply a file:// URL, or alternatively a binary data cell with the file content.