How to realie Concept Hierarchy in Knime

Hello all,

i want to know how i can realize a Concept hierarchy in knime. i would do this by compare 1 column and then create a new one to fill in the mapped value. for example i have

Federral-gov -> Government

State-gov -> Government

local-gov -> Government

All this should be mapped to Government

I would be glad if someone can tell me that.



can i use the string replacer dictionary for this???

Yes, the “string replacer” node (or even “string replace (dictionary)”) or the “Rule Engine” node. I suggest the latter if you have only few rules/replacements or otherwise the “string replace (dictionary)”.

thx for the answer it worked quite well

btw is there a way to realize Concept Hierarchy for a Transactional dataset like:

Customer-ID | Items
10150 | Apple
10150 | Banana
10151 | Wine

i wanna insert a row like

10150 | fruit

or is there another type of realizing a Concept Hierarchy in KNIME for a Transactional data set


Hi Username,
You can simply concatenate both data sources and sort the resulting table by customer-ID.
Best, Thomas

i tried ur approach and i found out that it is aquivalent to the following:

data source -> pivoting -> ‘sum of columns’ with math formula -> bitvector generator -> assoc rule learner

both do the same thing.

(but thx for this idea : ) )