How to rearrange columns order according to a columns list

I need to rearrange order of columns in my datatble according to column list. I've tried two things.

In both cases I were using column list (same numer of rows that original datatable columns count), where column name was a RowID and no other columns were present, so I've transposed the columns list table and:

a) try to use Reference Column Resorter - which fails due to incompatible column types (transposed reference table has all columns of type "?"),

b) try to use Concatenate, with first input being a transposed reference column list table, and a second one a datatable to reorder, this one does not fail, hovever all columns became type "?".

How can I achieve my goal and keep original column types?

Hi Torczyk,

for the first method a):

the second input should be a table with just one column, the values of the column are the column names of your original table.

for the second method b):

the first table has the sorted columns, but contains no data!

I uploaded a example, please see here:


If my answer doesn't resolve your problems, please upload your workflow.


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