How to remove a specific node in an extension


I have to remove certain nodes in the Big Data extension from the KNIME Analytics Platform.

Our customers are in a situation where they should not necessarily use certain nodes (ex. HDFS Connector) due to their internal working environment.

I know how to remove the Big Data extension itself.

However, no matter how many times you search, there seems to be no way to remove certain nodes in the extension.

Since we are dealing with an important customer, we must make sure that node deletion is successful.

Is there no way?
(For example, can I redistribute sources from within KNIME extension sources, excluding sources for specific nodes…)

I sincerely hope that anyone will help.

Hi @pigret113,

There is only an option available for blacklisting specific nodes from the execution on KNIME Server/Executor, on the KNIME Analytics Platform you are limited to choosing installed extensions (e.g. by hosting your own update site mirrors with limited extensions offered), on the node level there is no feature available to block specific ones.

While the sources extensions provides source code this would not be used during the execution of workflows on the KNIME Analytics Platform. You could use the sources to build your own extensions while keeping all the dependencies but this doesn’t sound like a proper way to get rid off specific nodes within an extension.


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