How to replace certain cells from the "Home user" column with data from the "compare_result" column?


I would need your support in regards to this issue.

I want to replace the cells from “Home user” column with the data from “compare_result” column (only the yellow cells).
In the compare_result I have only the IDs that are different than the cells from “Home User” column, I would need only the differences to be overwritten directly on the “Home User”, e.g. replace 695 with 123. Also, I need to keep all the data from the other “Home User” rows that are in green color as they are, I don’t have to replace or modify the green ones.

I tried to use the Column Expressions node, but I cannot figure out how to formulate the replace expression. Do you may have any idea or guidance?

Thank you in advance,


Hi @IoIo

I would use the RuleEngine

gr. Hans


Hi @IoIo

The rule engine from @HansS is easier and faster to manage. If you are keen on the column expression, you can use

if (column("compare_result").equals("N/A") == false) {
} else {
    column("Home user")


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