How to replace empty string with a particular value

I am trying to replace all occurences of an empty string in a column which is displayed as "?" in the data table into a particular value say "S". I tried using the String Replacer and String Manipulation node. But couldn't get the desired result.


You might try the Missing Value node using Fix Value.



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Hi Kees,

Thanks for the response, I was able to fix it using the missing value node. But my question is specific to how to handle it using either String Manipulation and/or String Replacer node. I was of the idea that the replace(str, search, replace) function available under String Manipulation node would do it. That is what I tried to do in the sample workflow that I had attached.




A "?" indicates a missing value and missing values are of no type at all. They are neither strings, nor numbers nor anything else. Therefore you can only handle them with the Missing Value node. Also note that a missing value is different from the empty string. The latter you can process in the String Manipulation node.


Thanks a ton. missing vs empty, now I get.



I had replaced missing value with previous valule by using Missing value node but how can I replace blank value with previous value. due to once single blank value the cells next to blank re getting empty.

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